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The Removal Secret for ANY Spot or Spill

The first rule in spot removal is to remove it as quickly as possible! In some situations, the longer a spot sits untreated, the better the chance is has to chemically bond with the fibers, creating a permanent stain. In fact, synthetic spills such as Kool Aid or Listerine must be cleaned up immediately to even have a chance at removal.

So what's the most important thing to do when you notice a spot?
Remove it immediately!

Here's the secret to spot removal

The first step in removing any liquid stain is to use a wet vac to extract as much of the liquid or moisture as possible. Be sure not to use a spot remover until you have removed the bulk of the moisture. A wet vac can be purchased from any home improvement store for usually between $50 and $200.

An at home spot cleaning machine will work as well. Just make sure the vacuum is designed to extract liquids. When you have removed as much liquid as possible, apply a neutral PH spot remover (Like our 'Spot Out' cleaner) and firmly dab the spot. Be sure not to agitate the spot too aggressively or you can distort the fibers. If you notice residue of the chemical remaining, drizzle a cup or two of water on the area and use your wet vac to extract as much liquid as possible. If you are using our Spot Out chemical, follow the directions on the bottle. The chemical is self neutralizing so flushing the stain with water is not necessary. YOU'RE DONE!


This method will work on 95% of spills. A situation which may require professional attention is if a spill occurs along a baseboard. When that happens, liquid can seep under the wall and cause mold problems if it is not adequately dried.

Don't forget to pretest your carpet, rug or upholstery in a non-conspicuous place to check for colorfastness. Some rugs can be ruined by liquid of any kind- chemicals or even pure water. Reading your rug's tag (if it has one) is also a good idea.

Tips for Effectively Removing Spots

  1. ACT NOW! Time is key when it comes to spot removal. The longer you wait to remove the spot, the harder it will be to remove. If you are unable to get the spot out, call a professional as soon as possible.

  2. DO NOT Use high residue cleaning products like Resolve or other general purpose cleaners. These kind of cleaners can be difficult and time consuming to remove, even for professionals. Plus, these types of cleaners can harm certain delicate fibers. If you need a specialty spot remover that is safe for natural and delicate fibers, call us at 1-855-937-8326.

  3. Use minimal moisture when cleaning natural and delicate rugs. Rugs such as wool, cotton, jute, silk, velvet, etc. can be damaged by excessive liquid. Instead, apply a spot remover that is safe for these types of materials to a cloth and gently dab the spot. Be careful not to over-agitate the fibers.


Some fine rugs and delicate upholstery have unset dye. When these fabrics come into contact with liquid, the dye may bleed out of the material, discoloring that area and possibly running onto another area. Be certain to test any spot removing chemical on an inconspicuous area on the rug before attempting spot removal.

Follow These Guidelines to Keep Your Textiles and Fabrics Safe

  • DO NOT pour acetone, rubbing alcohol, or other solvents directly on your carpet. These chemicals can weaken your carpet's backing and in some cases, can cause the carpet's dye to fade. Solvents also leave behind a very strong odor. Removing an odor that strong from the backing, pad and sub-floor is extremely difficult.

  • GO LIGHT ON CHEMICAL(S). Overusing a spot remover is not helpful. Too much solution left in the carpet is a recipe for dirty carpet. The chemical residue acts as a magnet for dirt.

  • FLUSH, EXTRACT, REPEAT. It is extremely important to make sure that both the spot and cleaning chemical are completely flushed from the carpet. Use the method outlined above to flush your carpet and extract the liquid with your wet vac or spotting machine.

If you have a spot that you can't remove, call us at (360) 200-8825 or 1-855-937-8326.

The technician will have an arsenal of cleaning chemicals and years of experience and training to tackle gum, wax, juice, coffee, tea, blood, tar, grease and many, many more.

Restore the beauty to your carpet. You'll be glad you did!

Who you gonna call? Who you gonna call?

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