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The Best Guarantees in Olympia, Lacey and Dupont

  1. 100% Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the job we did, it's FREE. Please call within 72 hours after your cleaning and we will hurry back to re-clean the area. If you are sill not satisfied we will return ALL of your money.

  2. No Magically Reappearing Spots: 30 Day guarantee. If any spots that were noticeable prior to your cleaning return, call us within 30 days and we will come back out to clean the area again. This guarantee does not apply to new stains.

  3. Our Spot Removal Promise: If another cleaner manages to remove a spot that we could not remove, we will PAY YOU for the work they did. We will pay you up to the amount that we originally charged you for the area. This guarantee does not apply to synthetic stains or carpet dyeing.

  4. *Severe soil conditions and commercial jobs are excluded from guarantees. We cannot guarantee 100% odor removal from any given room. Carpet odors frequently spread to other objects in the room so they won't necessarily be remedied by our cleaning services.

A friend of mine asked me why we wouldn't charge someone to return to their home to re-clean their carpet or upholstery if they were unhappy. He said people will try to take advantage of the system by claiming they are unsatisfied when they really aren't, just to get a free cleaning. The fact of the matter is, we stand behind our work because it is the right thing to do. We strive to build mutually beneficial, long term relationships with our clients. If a client has a problem with his or her service, how can we turn that person into a "lifetime client" if we don't stand behind our work and fix the problem, free of charge? We can't.

We have to consider the 0.1% of people in Olympia who will try to take advantage of the system, as an occupational hazard. Sure, there are people in the world who think this way. But we can't let a few bad apples ruin the way we do business. Besides, if we ever observe someone trying to blatantly take advantage of the system, we reserve the right to deny service. Thankfully, we have never had to deal with a situation like that.

Our clients pay good money to get clean carpet, upholstery, rugs, and leather. It is our job to make sure that's what they get. Sure we may cost a little more than the "cheap guys" in Olympia but isn't it worth a few extra bucks to have peace of mind knowing that the job will get done right? We think so...and so do our clients.

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