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Olympia, Lacey and Dupont Area Residents Love Our Intensively Thorough Steam Cleaning Process

We use our signature (7) step process to clean your carpet. No other cleaner in the Olympia area gives you all of this. At Grossbusters, your money goes further and your carpet gets cleaner....and stays that way for longer!

Step 1 - Pre-Vacuuming:

Dyson Vacuum CleanerWe start by vacuuming all areas of carpet that will be cleaned. We always sure to vacuum along the edges of baseboards to remove dust, hair, soil and lint that tend to accumulate there. Our Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner features cyclone technology and dual HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters to remove as much dry soil and allergens from your carpet prior to steam cleaning. Many cleaners in the Olympia area overlook this critical step.
Vacuuming is a very important part of the cleaning process because it removes any loose debris that would otherwise block our cleaning chemicals from contacting other, more embedded debris. Plus, excess hair, pin needles, and sand can damage our truck-mounted system.
To put the importance of vacuuming into perspective, think about the way you wash your car. If it's covered in mud, you don't immediately take your soapy mitt and start lathering up the car. Instead, you begin by hosing off the vehicle to try to get as much grime off as possible in order to make the next step- cleaning with soap or chemicals- as effective as possible.

Step 2 - Carpet Pre-Conditioning:


Next, we pre-treat all of the low, medium and high traffic areas with the appropriate chemicals. We use a combination of non-toxic cleaning chemicals which work to loosen up and dissolve soils. We have pre-conditioning chemicals specialized for grease, body oils, and heavy traffic areas. We also have over a dozen specialty spot removers.

  Severe Spot Pre-Treatment:

Most of the time, we wait until after we steam clean to apply any specialty chemicals. However, certain spots such as printer ink or shoe polish need to be treated first. For spills, pet stains, and other deep liquid accidents, we pre-saturate each problem area with a special enzyme based, oxidizing mixture. This works to digest and neutralize all contaminants that cause odors and staining not only in the carpet but all the way down into the carpet backing, pad, and sub-floor. Later, we use our plenty of fresh water and our Water Claw to sufficiently flush out, extract, and dry the problem areas. See pet stain removal for a look at the process, step by step.

Step 3 - Carpet Agitation:

Under normal conditions, we use our carpet rake to work the chemicals into the carpet, ensuring adequate coverage. For extreme conditions, we use our carpet restoration brush heads connected to our Rotovac Powerwand to thoroughly work in the pre-spray and agitate the carpet fibers to work as much stubborn dirt and debris out as possible.

Step 4 - Steam Cleaning:

Your carpet is now rinsed with 200 degree water using our truck mounted machine. The dirty water is extracted through our vacuum hose and is collected in our 100 gallon waste tank. After we finish cleaning, we take the water and dispose of it at an approved disposal site.
Our primary method of cleaning involves stainless steel carpet cleaning wand. Our Prochem wand has (4) solution jets and features true two inch construction for superior water extraction. This combination of high solution flow and high vacuum ability leave your carpet dry unbelievably fast!
Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning Rotovac ComparisonFor severely soiled carpets in need of restoration, we use a rotary jet extractor. Our patented Rotovac features (2) counter-rotating heads with (3) spray nozzles, (3) vacuum ports, and (3) agitators on each head. This revolutionary tool delivers over 1450 multi-directional cleaning passes PER MINUTE! For filthy carpets, the Rotovac is truly unbeatable.
Steam cleaning (otherwise known as hot water extraction) is known as the "gold standard" in the industry. All major carpet manufacturers recommend, and in some cases, require steam cleaning as the method of carpet cleaning. Here's what the biggest carpet manufacturer in the world recommends for cleaning.

Step 5 - Stubborn Spot Removal:

If there are any spots or stains that were not successfully removed with our primary cleaning system, we deal with them at this time.

  Surface Spots and Stains:

We have an entire arsenal of chemicals to tackle even the most unusual stains. Whether its ink, grease, gum, wine, tea, coffee, juice, bodily fluids, pet stains, paint, rust, wax, etc., we have the solution. Grossbusters won't promise that we can remove every stain every time but we will use our extensive training and expertise to do the absolute best we can! 9 times out of 10, stain removal is successful.
If you had any deep liquid stains that we pre-saturated in step 2, we now use our water claw to fully remove the saturate and stain from the carpet backing, pad, and sub-floor. We repeatedly rinse the area with water to ensure there is no chemical or soil residue left in the area.

Step 6 - Groom & Dry Carpet:

Our specialized carpet rakes are used to perk up the carpet pile and remove any patterns that our machines may have caused. This results in perfectly uniformed carpet which dries much faster because any flattened carpet fibers have been erected. In some situations, we will place several high powered fans or air movers throughout the cleaned area to further accelerate the dry time. Areas that have been fan dried will typically be completely dry in about 60 minutes. All other areas usually take between two and six hours to be completely dry.

Step 7 - 3M Scotchgard™ Stain Protector:

We strongly recommend the application of 3M Scotchgard fabric protector following carpet cleaning. Scotchgard is highly effective at preventing spills and spots from turning into permanent stains. The small initial investment in Scotchgard can save you a ton of money later on down the road should you ever need professional spot removal.
We also offer complimentary air freshener following your cleaning. We have several difference fragrances to choose from.

We Offer Dry Carpet Cleaning To Residential And Commercial Clients

The method that we use for dry carpet cleaning is called "encapsulation cleaning." This method is sometimes known as "green carpet cleaning" and leaves your carpet completely dry within 45 minutes! We offer this service to both our residential and commercial clients.

While steam cleaning is truly the gold standard for carpet cleaning, encapsulation cleaning is great for "in between" cleanings. It's an excellent, quick way to improve the look of your carpets without having to deal with the longer dry times associated with steam cleaning. Encapsulation is great for commercial establishments where wet carpet disrupts business.

Our encapsulation cleaning chemical incorporates a crystallizing polymer that literally bonds to soil within the carpet. The chemical is applied to the carpet, then agitated using a brush system. The crystallizing polymer dries brittle around the dirt making the chemical and dirt very easy to vacuum up afterwards. This unique polymer is NOT sticky like some other dry carpet cleaners, so it resists re-soiling. Plus, there's a built-in carpet protector called Soileze (Similar to Scotchgard) that helps carpets stay clean longer.

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