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Watch Out For Cheaply Priced
Carpet Cleaners in Olympia!

There are dozens of carpet cleaning companies in the Olympia area. So, when you find a cleaner has very cheap prices, you think that you're getting a great deal....Think again! Creating a carpet cleaning business is not difficult. You don't even have to leave your home to become a business anymore! All you need to do is fill out a form on the internet and pay $20 and BOOM!'re in business.

According to Washington state law, you can legally operate a business without insurance. You don't even need to go through any background checks or training. Anyone who can successfully navigate the WA Department of Licencing website can start a cleaning business. There is absolutely no regulation whatsoever. All the state cares about is that you pay your taxes.

Companies that will clean your home for a very low price should instantly raise a red flag in your mind. Ask yourself, "How does this company charge so much less than everyone else?" There can only be one of three answers.

1) This cleaner has just started out. He needs to charge less to match his lack of experience.

Do you really want to trust your textiles to someone who has little or no cleaning experience? More importantly, do you really want to blindly trust this cleaner to work in your home around your loved ones?

2) This cleaner is going out of business and he is desperate for any money he can get.

Chances are, if a cleaner is going out of business, you may be the target of a planned bait and switch or extremely high-pressured up-selling They're desperate - They need money! So, if they see an opportunity to jack the price up, they are going to take it.

3) This cleaner has cut vital operating expenses.

Business insurance is not cheap. Neither is worker's compensation, bonding, background checks, proper equipment, safe and effective chemicals, uniforms, service vehicles, and so forth. If a cleaner is cutting even one of the above expenses, they should not be considered as one of the best in the Olympia area.


*Check out this undercover investigation into bait and switch scams*

If Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning were to charge anything less than we do now, we would have to cut some expenses. Adequate business insurance is expensive. So are each of the items listed above.

When large companies don't pay their employees very well, it shows in the quality of work you receive. Do you really want someone in your home who is only making $9.00 per hour? Do you think that he will want to treat your belongings with care? Probably not.

We are an owner operated carpet cleaning company. This means that you don't have to tolerate the careless behavior of an underpaid employee. On the rare occasion that we do hire help, we pay them very well. We realize that employees are much more likely to do a great job when they are paid accordingly. Before hiring anyone to our company, they undergo a complete Washington State Patrol (WSP) background check. They will never enter your home without the proper worker's compensation coverage.

Let's take a closer look at the costs of doing business....

We've all seen the coupons...."$99 WHOLE HOUSE SPECIAL!"...For an average sized cleaning job, the technician(s) should be at your home for somewhere between two to three hours if a truck mounted system is used. If a portable extractor is used, it may take even longer because of the need to fill and dump the machine repeatedly. We have found that most jobs are between 15 and 25 minutes from our shop. Multiply that by two for a round trip time between 30 and 50 minutes.

Would you like the cleaning company you choose to have equipment that is well maintained, clean, and running smoothly? Of course. This will take another twenty minutes or so per job. Cleaning mud and dirt from the outside of hoses, properly cooling down the steam cleaner, and carefully loading every piece of equipment into the van so that nothing gets broken or damaged during driving, all take time.

Let's back up to when you booked the appointment. The company had to at least have a telephone to answer your call and book the appointment. But let's face it, its the 21st century; the company also needed a computer to schedule your appointment and record your information such as your address, name, phone number, etc. They also need a computer for advertising, email, website, and more. To complete the booking process, probably takes on average, ten minutes or so.

If you break it down, for a cleaner to charge $99 per hour will allow him to make about $30 per hour right?....wrong. We haven't even figured in the cost of the expenses yet!

In order to service clients at their home on a daily basis, a well running, durable service van is needed. That's in the ballpark of about $20,000 over the course of a few years. Then, figure in fuel to and from your home in such a large vehicle, carrying usually about 2,500 pounds of equipment in the back.

Adequate business insurance coverage costs about $8 per day minimum.

How about equipment? Truck mounted steam cleaning equipment costs anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000. Then figure in the prices of wands, hoses, hose reels, chemicals, chemical racks, specialty equipment, shoe covers, and more. If you take one look around our office, you'll see several thousand dollars worth of computers with expensive software, printers, scanners, a fax, organizational systems, telephones and more.

Don't forget advertising. Internet, newspapers, magazines, postcards, business cards, vehicle signs etc.

Ok, how does a cleaner charge $99 for 5 Rooms and 1 Hall?

Now you can see why charging only $99 for an entire home seems too good to be true. How can the small amount of money leftover after expenses are taken out of that $99, be enough for he or she to live on? It's not. Do the math and you will see that the company can't stay in business charging these kind of prices.

Do yourself a favor, don't trust your home and your loved ones to a technician that's only making minimum wage. Call Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning at 1-855-937-8326 or (360) 200-8825. We are one of the most reputable, trusted firms in Olympia.

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